Pas de Deux around the World

December 15, 2014

Meet Ashlee Montague and Richard Hanke…aka the coolest fiancés ever.

Ashlee and Richard in Paris (photo ©

Remember that time
tWitison spent the day with BuzzFeed
recreating iconic dance movie posters? Ashlee and Richard have a…let’s call it a hobby…and it’s pretty much like that times 20. They travel the world and ask unsuspecting strangers to take photos of them. Seems normal enough, right? But here’s the thing: They don’t tell their chosen photographers what they’re about to do. They make it seem like they’re just two normal tourists about to take a normal tourist photo. And then, WHA BAM!

On Tower Bridge in London (photo ©

It’s no surprise that the two were first introduced through dance—they met while training at the Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia, PA. And since that fateful meeting, the couple has gotten more and more into what they call ballet acrobatics.

In front of the Trocadero Museum, Paris (photo ©

In Times Square, NYC (photo ©

In front of Louvre Museum, Paris (photo ©

Impressed? Yeah, so were we. For more gravity-defying photos, check out their website,