Perfect Pre- and Post-Rehearsal Meal Ideas

April 4, 2017

Whether you’re fighting mid-morning hunger, the midday-slump or mid-rehearsal stomach grumbles, we’ve rounded up the best things before, during and after dance class to eat to keep your energy up and your hunger down.

1.Protein-Packed Snacks

If you’re just about to head to rehearsal in the morning, your body will need protein to power through the long day. Think string cheese, cottage cheese or yogurt.

2.Complex Carbs

According to Rachel Fine, registered dietician and founder of To the Pointe Nutrition, things like lentils, wheat bulgur, quinoa, wheat berries and barley give your body sustained energy. “I recommend primarily nonbread carbohydrates, because they offer the highest fiber content, which is good for digestion,” says Fine.

3.Breakfast for Dinner

If you get home late from the studio, don’t ignore your hunger pangs and go to bed without eating—scramble some eggs! When paired with a toasted slice of whole grain bread, the protein from the eggs and the carbs from the toast help release an amino acid called tryptophan—crucial for triggering the good kind of drowsiness!