9 Pop Songs to Soundtrack Your At-Home Ballet Class

April 23, 2020

Everyone knows that the best day of the year is when your ballet teacher lets you take class with “fun music.” And now that we’re all taking ballet class in our own homes, every day can be “fun music” day. Practicing pliés? Put on some Post Malone. Attacking allegro? Ariana Grande is the answer. To help you soundtrack your at-home class with style, we rounded up nine of our favorite combo-ready pop songs.

Pliés: “I’m Ready” by Sam Smith and Demi Lovato

If you’re feeling less-than-motivated, here’s the perfect song to kick off your at-home class. Nobody can resist the power of Sam Smith AND Demi Lovato—and the strong beat on this track is perfect for your plié combination.

Tendus: “Adore You” by Harry Styles

We’ll take any excuse to listen to Harry Styles, and this song’s beat is easily countable and just the right tempo for tendus.

Frappés: “The Bones” by Maren Morris

On the flip side, this song is all about syncopation. Challenge yourself with some syncopated movements: Can you vary the rhythms of your frappés to match Maren Morris’s singing?

Fondus: “everything i wanted” by Billie Eilish

This track by Billie Eilish is perfect for smoother steps, like melty, gooey fondus. Let the fluid feeling of the song inform the fluidity of your movement.

Ronds de Jambe: “Circles” by Post Malone

That title is basically begging you to do some ronds de jambe, right? Okay, maybe we’re stretching it, but whip out some ronds de jambe en l’air as Post hits the chorus, anyways. Musical perfection.

Adagio: “Lose You to Love Me” by Selena Gomez

This song by Selena Gomez was basically made for your at-home adagio combination. Slow things down with the help of this beautiful ballad, and focus on holding your extensions allllll the way to the ends of Selena’s high notes.

Turns: “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa

Oh, you’re practicing pirouettes? Do a “full 180” with the help of pop diva Dua Lipa. The boppy beat of this recent release will have you picking up the tempo on your turns.

Petit Allegro: “Stupid Love” by Lady Gaga

It’s pretty much impossible not to jump up and down when you hear Lady Gaga’s latest hit—so jump right into some changements and échappés.

Reverence: “Intentions” by Justin Bieber

Ballet class at home doesn’t mean you should skip reverence! Use this slowed-down track by Justin Bieber to accompany your end-of-class curtsies, and celebrate yourself for following through on your “Intentions” to take class.