Pre-elimination show gossip!

June 10, 2009

Anticipating who will get the first cut on tonight’s elimination episode? Us too! We’ve been checking online polls, and it looks like the fans think that it will either be Vitolio, Tony, Asuka or Paris. Who will have to dance for their lives? According to Adam Shankman’s twitter, “The dancers get NO help on their solos.” So the pressure is on. Adam also tweeted, “I’m so glad you liked the show. Tonight will be horrible for us making the cut. Makes me ill, but this IS a competition show, and people have to go…” We’re a bit sad too since the show was so hot last night, but we can’t wait to see the big group dance. Any guesses on who the choreographer is? We haven’t seen anything from Mia yet, so maybe her? Perhaps Shane Sparks? Or Wade?! So many great options! —Lauren Levinson