Precision at its Finest, Marching Band-Style!

October 22, 2013

I’ve always been drawn to the Radio City Rockettes and dance teams. It’s not just the sparkly costumes and the eye-high kicks that get me—it’s the precision.

Have you ever watched the Rockettes and, at the end of the show, been like, “Wow, that one Rockette was so good?!” Probably not. Because that’s not the point. The point is synchronicity. The point is uniformity. The point, simply put, is perfection.

Now, look no further for a seriously-rehearsed routine than to the Ohio State University…marching band?

Oh yes. We’re not talking about dancers, here—we’re talking a massive group on a field, playing instruments while simultaneously marching into mind-blowingly creative formations.

And by “formations,” I mean “they create a silhouette of Michael Jackson—single white glove included—and they make him moonwalk.”

Spend the next 11 minutes of your day watching this “but seriously, how did they do that?” halftime performance tribute to Michael Jackson, in honor of the 25th anniversary of his “Bad” album.