QUIZ: Which company is right for you?

February 16, 2009

1. I feel most creative in. . .

A) a big and bustling metropolis.

B) a remote place of natural beauty.

C) a mid-sized suburb or city.

2. I prefer to. . .

A) intimately know everyone with whom I dance.

B) work with a large number of talented people.

C) shine on my own.

3. It’s essential for me to dance. . .

A) full-length classics that demand an excellent corps de ballet.

B) short classic and contemporary work.

C) as much as possible.

4. To me, going on tour is. . .

A) exhausting. I prefer to stay at home.

B) exhilarating! I love to travel.

C) fun, but I don’t want to do it too often.

5. When I think about New York City, I. . .

A) have a panic attack.

B) can barely contain my excitement.

C) remember that I like to visit, but prefer living someplace calmer.

6. A perfect Friday night includes. . .

a. gallery hopping, followed by dinner, drinks and dancing into the early hours.

b. a cozy meal at a friend’s house.

c. an early bedtime.

7. Life without Odette. . .

a. brings me to tears.

b. is a relief.

c. makes no difference. I could take or leave the swan.

8. When it comes to new ballets. . .

a. I am satisfied working with up-and-coming choreographers.

b. I must collaborate modern-day legends.

c. one new piece a season will suffice.

9. I’d rather. . .

a. dance lead roles in a small company.

b. work in an environment where aspiring to the rank of principal or soloist is not a pipe dream.

c. dance in a huge, international company, even if it means standing in the back.

10. I am. . .

a. easily crushed.

b. tough as nails.

c. usually resilient, but I still get down on myself.

Tally your points!

1. A-3; B-1; C-2

2. A-1; B-2; C-3

3. A-3; B-2; C-1

4. A-1; B-3; C-2

5. A-1; B-3; C-2

6. A-3; B-1; C-2

7. A-3; B-1; C-2

8. A-1; B-3; C-2

9. A-1; B-2; C-3

10. A-1; B-3; C-2

1-9 Points

In the studio, you’re focused and fierce, but out of the studio, you prefer a walk in the garden to a trot through Times Square. (The words “public transportation” make you queasy.) With a slower pace of life, you have the peace and quiet to work at your creative best. You excel in an intimate environment that affords you close-knit friendships and personal attention from artistic staff. Your ideal company resides in a smaller city and operates in a family atmosphere of mutual support. You don’t need to dance the full-length classics, but you do need stage time. You find it exciting to work with up-and-coming choreographers at the start of their careers.

10-19 Points

You prefer to live in a place with an established artistic community and plenty of places to spend your leisure time. But you also hate the idea of hiking 20 city blocks in a blizzard with 10 bags of groceries. You’re best-suited to a medium-sized city and a medium-sized company where the repertory is diverse, commissions come along once every season or so, and there are enough dancers in the school or junior company to assure you at least some full-length ballets.

20-30 Points

Let’s face it. The lights of the big city are what make you tick. You love to travel, you love the challenge of making it in a place like New York, and you don’t mind dancing in the corps to do it. Good thing you aren’t easily rattled. Taking class with international stars doesn’t make you nervous, because you find it exhilarating. Why? You’d rather be in the presence of greatness (even if it means giving up your own spotlight) because it makes you realize your full potential. If someone offered you a contract to a super-star company, you wouldn’t blink. You’d just ask, “Where do I sign?”