Quiz: Who is Your Dance Doppelganger?

August 15, 2010

Which one of ballet’s most beloved roles are you meant to dance? Take our quiz and find out!


1. Your favorite steps include:

a)    whispery bourrées and dramatic attitudes derrière that show off your bendy back

b)    endless balances in arabesque and perfectly placed pirouettes

c)    controlled penchés and supported jumps

d)    fouettés, hops on pointe and magnificent leaps


2. In one word, you are:

a)    elegant

b)    regal

c)    romantic

d)    coy


3. At a party, you’re most likely to be:

a)    swimming in the pool

b)    surrounded by guys

c)    dancing, of course

d)    the center of attention


4. Your friends describe you as:

a)    tragic, fragile, loving

b)    playful, joyous, beautiful

c)    cheerful, earnest, ethereal

d)    spirited, flirtatious, charismatic


5.What’s your favorite musical instrument?

a)    oboe

b)    harp

c)    viola

d)    castanets


6. Which of the following activities appeals to you most?

a)    taking a walk with your boyfriend

b)    a lavish sweet 16 birthday party

c)    an outdoor picnic

d)    dancing at a lively wedding reception


7. When you jeté it feels like you’re:

a)    leaping toward the freedom you desperately crave

b)    expressing joy and optimism

c)    gently floating, lifted by thoughts of your true love

d)    showing off your fierce and fiery nature

8. What’s your ideal vacation spot?

a)    a secluded lake house, where you can escape reality

b)    an old castle that has plenty of secret passages to explore

c)    the German countryside, so you can spend lots of time outdoors

d)    a big city in Spain that’s busy, loud and full of excitement


9. What is your typical Saturday morning routine?

a)    I’m sleeping in because I stayed up late the night before

b)    I’m lying in bed thinking about which of my many date offers I should accept

c)    I’m helping my mom do chores, even though she doesn’t ask me to

d)    I’m grounded for trying to sneak out of the house to meet my boyfriend


10. If you could wear any costume, it would be a:

a)    wide tutu decorated with feathers 

b)    classic, princess-pink tutu

c)    long, flowing white tutu

d)    bright, colorful dress




Mostly A’s: Odette from
Swan Lake

You are ballet’s most famous swan. Just like Odette, you’re generally shy. But don’t let this undermine your potential. You possess an inner strength that will see you through even the darkest of days. You may also have Odette’s features, like a long neck, sky-high extensions and an expressive upper body, which give your movement a beautiful, birdlike quality. Dancing Odette, a serious adagio role, requires a lot of control—and you’ve got it!


Mostly B’s: Aurora from
The Sleeping Beauty

Everyone wants to be you, Aurora—and why wouldn’t they? In your life, true love and Prince Charming (a.k.a. Prince Désiré) save the day! To others, you seem innocent, flirtatious and a bit timid. But deep down you’re turning into a mature young woman and beginning to let your inner princess shine. You likely have spot-on balance and tireless endurance, which are the perfect skills to get you through Aurora’s famous Rose Adagio.


Mostly C’s: Giselle from

A true romantic, you’re passionate about everything you do, but dance is your greatest love. Like Giselle, you may be known for your light-footedness. You can make even the toughest petit allégro look as simple as a plié. And whenever your feet leave the ground, you seem to float. You’re loyal and trusting, which may make you susceptible to deception. But your kind and forgiving personality will help you triumph in the end.


Mostly D’s: Kitri from
Don Quixote

Like Kitri, you have a magnetic personality: No matter where you stand in a room, people are drawn to your boisterous confidence. In the studio, you’re not afraid to try daring new steps—and you’re not afraid to fall! Other dancers envy your soaring jumps, high battements and rock-solid fouettés. If your parents have plans for you, it doesn’t matter. You’re fiercely independent and will follow your own path.




Photos top to bottom: Colorado Ballet’s Maria Mosina as Kitri with Kevin Aydelotte as the title character in
Don Quixote by Terry Shapior; Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Yuka Iino as Aurora with Ronnie Underwood as her prince in The Sleeping Beauty by Blaine Truitt Covert.