Quiz: How much do you know about George Balanchine?

July 29, 2008
How much do you know about George Balanchine?
1. George Balanchine founded New York City Ballet with

a. Lincoln Kirstein

b. Peter Martins

c. Jerome Robbins

d. Sergei Diaghilev
2. Balanchine trained at

a. The Royal Ballet School

b. The School of American Ballet

c. The Bolshoi Ballet Academy

d. The Imperial Ballet School
3. Balanchine moved to the United States in

a. 1945

b. he was born in the US, he never had to move there.

c. 1933

d. he never moved to the US, he only visited to choreograph.
4. Balanchine did NOT choreograph which of the following?

a. The Four Temperaments

b. Concerto Barocco

c. The Four Seasons

d. Jewels
5. How many works did Balanchine choreograph throughout his lifetime?

a. 465

b. 255

c. 750

d. 106
6. The first piece that Balanchine choreographed in the United States was _______ in ______.

a. La Nuit, 1920

b. Serenade, 1935

c. Orpheus, 1948

d. Rubies, 1967
7. Balanchine died in -_____ at the age of _____.

a. 1983, 79

b. 1992, 84

c. 1975, 90

d. 1983, 81