Ray Hesselink Tap Class

March 11, 2009

Tappers Take Note! Ray Hesselink Rocks!


Whenever I find a teacher that knocks my socks off, I’m always sublimely happy. For tap, that instructor is most certainly the cheerful, ridiculously talented Ray Hesselink. Ray teaches at both the Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway in NYC, and his classes range from basic to extremely difficult (always check the class level!). His sessions include a quick shuffle warm-up, cramp roll and skills exercises and then combination to upbeat jazz and Broadway classics.


Although the steps and movement can be intricate and confusing, Ray never skimps on repetition and explanation, making this the best class to nail the skills that might have been impossible before. Best of all, Ray has a wonderful sense of humor, ever-present smile and encouraging vibe. So next time you get a hankering to shuffle-ball-change, check out Ray!