Reactions to Christopher Wheeldon's Split From Morphoses

February 25, 2010

Everyone’s talking about Christopher Wheeldon leaving Morphoses/The Christopher Wheeldon Company, the ballet company he founded with Lourdes Lopez three years ago.


Taylor Gordon, a 21-year-old freelance dancer, told DS about her reaction to the news. “I was surprised,” Taylor says. “but maybe not as much as other people. Wheeldon’s been very successful and Morphoses is great. But as an individual, he has a lot going for him. He has worked with many different people. So it wasn’t surprising that he didn’t want to stay committed to one thing, even though it was his project.”


In a New York Times article, Wheeldon cited a lack of resources as the reason for his departure. In particular, he mentioned that Morphoses wasn’t able keep a permanent, full company. Taylor says she thinks the company will continue to face similar problems, perhaps even more so without the support of Wheeldon’s marquee name. “If they’re having financial issues with him,” Taylor says, “they’re certainly going to have them without him.”


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