Recap: Top 12 Elimination Plus Exclusive Info on Jeanine and Kayla

July 12, 2009

Last night’s show was very intense since the judges had to determine who would make the tour. The evening had two unexpected twists. We were first surprised when Phillip was cut since he has so many adoring fans. But we respect the judges’ decision. Although he stepped it up last night , overall, he hasn’t progressed much beyond his style. His goodbye speech was very sweet and sent a positive message to street dancers everywhere. The second shock was when both Caitlin (who we had a feeling would be eliminated) and Phillip were invited on the tour as swings. Hurray!

We’re also ecstatic that former DS fashion models, Jeanine and Kayla, made the prestigious top ten! We dug up the pages from our archives featuring them. Check out the links below to learn more about these two ladies (before they were stars!).






—Lauren Levinson