Rock of Ages Continues to Rock

September 9, 2009

I’ve seen Rock of Ages on Broadway more than once now. OK, I’ve seen it three times. It’s a total guilty pleasure of mine. By now I know many of the lines and all the lyrics to the songs (Yes, there’s a Rock of Ages playlist on my iPod). But I keep going back because it’s that good. Here’s why:


Savannah Wise
is currently playing the lead role of Sherrie (well, until this Sunday, which will be her last performance in the role). We featured Savannah when she was an ensemble member (Waitress #1, actually) in our July/August 2009 fashion feature with hot Broadway stars modeling jazzwear. She rocked the DS shoot just like she rocks the stage at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre nightly. Savannah plays Sherrie innocently enough, but doesn’t hold back in the second act when the good girl goes kinda bad. And the girl can BELT it! During “High Enough,” you can help but be amazed that such a big voice comes from such a tiny girl. If you can, go see the show before Sunday while she’s still Sherrie.


Constantine Maroulis
, who you know from “American Idol,” plays Drew, a wannabe rocker who falls hard for Sherrie. He lets out his trademark scream several times throughout the show, which is powerful enough to shake the theater, but not so much as to outshine is castmates. Also, he’s attractive. Definitely doesn’t hurt.


— a rotating group including Katherine Tokarz, Angel Reed, Ericka Hunter, Bahiyah Sayyed Gaines and Becca Tobin —  are HOT. They transform from waitresses to reporters to strippers. Impressive character roles! Plus, they’re dancing nonstop throughout the show, whether it’s rocking hard during “Nothin’ But A Good Time,” or slow dancing at the Bourbon Room. Oh, and they’re singing the entire time. Talk about stamina!


The entire cast of the show (James Carpinello: So hot; Adam Dannheisser and Mitchell Jarvis: So funny they’ll make your stomach ache; Wesley Taylor: Well, you have to see the show to appreciate his character) is incredibly strong and, accompanied by some killer ’80s music, you can’t help but go back time and time again. Clearly.


Rock out. Have fun.
Let me know how you like it!