"Rocking" (Again!) on the Small Screen

August 15, 2010

In 2008, the Disney Channel hit it big with Camp Rock. Now, the movie’s megastars, Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, are back in the film’s

sequel, which debuts September 3. This movie isn’t just packed with sing-along-worthy songs—it’s also filled with awesome dancers! Keep your eyes peeled for Alyson Stoner, Courtney Galiano, B-Girl Shorty and Jordan Francis. DS chatted with choreographer Rosero McCoy about his inspiration for the moves in the flick. 


Dance Spirit
: What was it like working on the set of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam?

Rosero McCoy:
We shot on a campground in Toronto, and it really felt like being at camp! We all played games together and even took a trip to an amusement park. It was such a fun atmosphere.


: What is the dancing like in the film?

I wanted the choreography to reflect that feeling you get when you’re at camp and jump in the lake for the first time. It’s all about fun. Some of the dancing is quick and precise with sharp, intricate movements. But I also added in tons of tricks and flips.


: OK, so spill for us: What are Demi Lovato and the JoBros really like?

Demi picked up the choreography really well. There’s a fire in her. The Jonas Brothers have amazing energy. They can even do all those flips and tricks themselves! And Joe Jonas is a total prankster.


Photo of choreographer Rosero McCoy (far left) and dancers on the set of
Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam courtesy Rosero McCoy.