Ryan Steele Is Coming to a Movie Theater Near You

August 22, 2013

Happy Friday, everyone: It’s been announced that Five Dances, starring our friend Ryan Steele (of Newsies and Matilda and super-cute club fame), will be coming to theaters this fall!

The film tells the story of a young dancer—that’d be Ryan—growing up and falling in love in NYC. (We’ve seen a screener, and there may or may not be love-filled fouettés involved.)

Not only is Five Dances Ryan’s film debut, but it also features four other talented dancers—Reed Luplau, Catherine Miller, Kimiye Corwin and Luke Murphy—and choreography by downtown dance star Jonah Bokaer. In other words, its dance credentials are totally legit.

Five Dances
opens October 4 in NYC, and will have a nationwide release later in the fall. Click here to find out more about the film, and check out the trailer below.

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