Save the Date

January 12, 2010

Flamenco for a Decade

Celebrating its 10th year, the New York Flamenco Festival will bring dancers and musicians from Andalusia, Spain, to NYC. Get there early to learn some moves during the pre-performance dance class each night! Feb 11–14;

Dance Diversity

For 33 years, the Dallas Black Dance Theatre has been making modern moves in Texas. The company’s Cultural Awareness Series presents a mix of dances including Brother to Brother, Lambarena, Love Tri-Tango and the premiere of Christopher Huggins’ spiritual ballet. Feb 17–21;

Africa Visits Ohio

leaves its NYC home this month to dance at Ohio’s King Arts Complex. The performance will showcase African and African Diaspora–based troupes dancing a range of traditional rhythmic styles and urban American hip hop. Feb 20;

Take Two!

Philadelphia Dance Projects
begins its second annual dance series, Philadelphia Dance Projects Presents 2010, this month. In addition to works by local and visiting choreographers and performances by renowned dancers and companies, the festival will offer films, workshops and discussions focusing on trends in contemporary dance. Feb 26–Mar 20;

A Collective Company

The Jane Franklin Dance Company
, based in Virginia, is open to anything and anyone. Music, dance and members of the community all come into play, making every performance a collective one. The group’s upcoming performance Of Bones & Bridges is no exception. After a company outing on the Four Mile Run Footbridge, this work was created to highlight tensions and connections between humans and nature. Check out the final product! Feb 27–28;