October 2018 Table of Contents

November 13, 2018

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Cover Model Search Winner

Sydney tapped her way to the top as the 2018 CMS winner.

Love, Jacalyn/Love, Shelby

CMS runners-up Jacalyn Tatro and Shelby Patterson write thank-you notes to their fans.

Sensational Nationals

The very best of Nationals 2018.

Competing on a Budget

How to make the most of competition and convention season—without breaking the bank.

Competition Besties

Meet four sets of adorable BFFs who found winning friendships at a competition.

Poetry In Motion

How to nail a spoken-word piece in competition.

That (Ballet) Comp Life

Inside the USA International Ballet Competition with standout Quinn Starner.


The inside scoop on Broadway’s The Prom.

The Dirt

San Francisco Ballet’s Lauren Strongin.

Letter to My Teenage Self

Dorrance Dance’s Warren Craft.

Off the Record

Jay Ledford’s journey as a transgender ballerina.

Body Buzz

The best uses for pumpkin go way beyond jack-o’-lanterns.


Everything you need to know about protein.

The Look

Stay cozy in the season’s chicest one-piece warm-ups.

World Dance

The classical Japanese dance form nihon buyo.

College Corner

How to go to school part-time while pursuing a pro career.

You Should Know

Contemporary kid Dyllan Blackburn.