Venus and Serena Williams' Secret Dance-Off Looks Insanely Fun

May 27, 2016

Venus and Serena Williams, aka the coolest sisters in tennis, are world champions on the court, but their dance skills are equally amazing. Case in point? The Williams Invitational, which they’ve now hosted for seven straight years. It’s a private tournament consisting of ping-pong, dodgeball, tennis and—you guessed it—a dance-off.

got the inside scoop with their behind-the-scenes video, where we see a fiercely competitive Serena waiting for the rest of her (already late) team to show up for rehearsal (we feel you). After all, it is a competition. Of the Williams Invitational’s origins, Serena says, “It started out as a friends and family thing. And then it got overboard serious, and then it got Broadway.” They’ve got judges, a stage, some pretty intense lighting situations and medals—it’s like Nationals, Williams sisters-style. And as we see Serena spinning at lighting speed on a suspended hoop (no, seriously), she says, “I just love dancing. It makes me so happy, and I didn’t know how much I loved it until I started this journey.” Same, girl, #same. Check out the entire video below!

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