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We Can't Stop Watching Serena Williams' Dancetastic Beats by Dre Commercial

How obsessed are you with Serena Williams right now? In addition to rocking multiple tennis tutus at the US Open—and, you know, generally dominating the tournament—Williams just put out a new commercial for Beats by Dre that’s the danciest thing she’s done since getting down with Beyoncé. (Or getting down on the tarmac. Or getting […]

We Will Never Get Enough of Serena Williams' Dance Moves

WE SEE YOU, SERENA. Whether she’s channeling Beyoncé or actually dancing with Beyoncé, Serena Williams’ moves are always on point. And her latest dancetastic vid, a promotion for her new Vogue cover? It’s oh-so-casual perfection. 💯 💯 💯 Vogue filmed her taking winning the #LemonDanceChallenge, breaking it down on the tarmac/in a private jet (as […]

#BowDown: Watch Serena Williams Dance with Taylor Hatala and Willdabeast

If you thought this long holiday weekend couldn’t get any better, we’re glad to report that you thought wrong. The dance gods have once again gifted us with a video of epic proportions—like, Serena Williams + Taylor Hatala + Willdabeast epic. It’s no secret that tennis superstar Williams can hold her own on the dance floor, so […]

Venus and Serena Williams' Secret Dance-Off Looks Insanely Fun

Venus and Serena Williams, aka the coolest sisters in tennis, are world champions on the court, but their dance skills are equally amazing. Case in point? The Williams Invitational, which they’ve now hosted for seven straight years. It’s a private tournament consisting of ping-pong, dodgeball, tennis and—you guessed it—a dance-off. Vogue got the inside scoop […]

Please Enjoy Serena Williams' Epic Beyoncé Dance Video

Sooooo we want to be best friends with Serena Williams. For many, many reasons. I mean, yes, it would be amazing to have a world-champion tennis player in our posse. We’d obviously love to hear her workout tips, because that body is a work of ART. But mostly she just seems like a lot of […]