Sesame Street Visits New York City Ballet

April 3, 2013

“Sesame Street” is on a roll these days!

Just a couple of weeks ago, they had Melissa McCarthy doing the “flap-a-waddle-boom-boom” dance in honor of a very special word of the day, “choreographer.” And in today’s episode, things got even dancier.

Muppets Murray Monster and Ovejita took a trip to Lincoln Center to visit some of the “people in their neighborhood”: ballet dancers. They talked to New York City Ballet corps members Kristen Segin, Alina Dronova, Callie Bachman and Sara Adams about the five ballet positions and how pointe shoes work, and then watched them perform the “Little Swans” quartet from Swan Lake. Predictably, it’s adorable. Take a look!

[Side note: Remember when the “people in your neighborhood” theme song wasn’t a rap (“Who are the peeps that you meet when you’re walkin’ down the street?”) but instead a boppy little easy-listening tune? Man, I feel old. I guess I’ll just listen to the original while doing my needlework or the Sunday crossword…because those are not just old-people stereotypes but also things I actually do. Ohhh dear.]