Shane Sparks on the "America's Best Dance Crew" Finale

March 31, 2008

Hi, DS readers! In an effort to get you even more fun and up-to-date dance news, we’re adding a few guest bloggers to the site!
Shane Sparks
, who you know and love from “So You Think You Can Dance” and “America’s Best Dance Crew,” will be writing to you twice a month to let you know what’s new in his life and in the dance world.


Jabawockeez!!!! Yesser they did it! Very proud of the outcome of the show. Those boys deserved it. Status Quo did an amazing job, too. They came along way from where they started and I’m very proud of them too. Did you see the east coast and the west coast go at it??!! That was some hot ish!! Kaba Modern, Jabawockeez, and Fysh and Chicks… Oh my God!! That was one of the best displays of dancing that I’ve ever seen on TV! I loved what everybody else did but that number was insane! Can’t wait till next season! Anybody who’s reading this–if you know someone auditioning, tell them they better come hard or don’t come at all, ‘cuz this show is the truth!! This is Shane Sparks just thinking out loud!!!