"Shiny" Is the Latest Evidence that Daniel "Cloud" Campos Is a Genius

March 2, 2016

Who else wants to live inside the mind of Daniel “Cloud” Campos? Because it must be a magical place.

When he’s not busy filming pretty much every dance-y commercial on television, Cloud—who appears to be equal parts Fred Astaire and Wes Anderson—is usually producing some charmingly offbeat video project of his own. A dance-party fantasy set to terrible hold music? Sure! A mini-musical about life at a talent agency, co-starring Danny DeVito? Yup, he did that too!

Cloud’s latest creation, “Shiny,” is a collaboration with director and screenwriter Spencer Susser. The short film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, doesn’t feature any dancers, per se. Instead, it uses stop-motion animation to bring clothes to vibrant (and, naturally, dance-y) life. There’s a madcap plotline that involves a hero in a snazzy suit, a damsel in distress, a lot of cartoonish puking and one very shiny diamond—but don’t worry about that too much. Just enjoy the crazy, weird, wonderful joyride:

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