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How I Got Here

The path to dance success isn’t always a straight line. We asked three pros to reflect on their careers—including the disappointments, unexpected opportunities and inspiring moments of perseverance. Daniel “Cloud” Campos Currently a commercial performer, choreographer and director (Photo by Joe Toreno) Performing at Universal Studios Florida Campos began breaking at a very young age, […]

"Shiny" Is the Latest Evidence that Daniel "Cloud" Campos Is a Genius

Who else wants to live inside the mind of Daniel “Cloud” Campos? Because it must be a magical place. When he’s not busy filming pretty much every dance-y commercial on television, Cloud—who appears to be equal parts Fred Astaire and Wes Anderson—is usually producing some charmingly offbeat video project of his own. A dance-party fantasy […]

Daniel "Cloud" Campos Makes Waiting on Hold Look GOOOOD

We’ve all been there: calling a bank, or maybe a doctor’s office, only to be placed on hold for forevvvvverrr. But as Daniel Cloud Campos‘ latest video shows us (continuing today’s cute-guys-who-are-also-amazing-at-dancing streak), the wait can also be an opportunity to get down. Campos is something of a whiz when it comes to filmmaking. It […]

Daniel Cloud Campos' Latest Film Is an Amazing Mini-Musical

Have you guys ever found a new dancer you love and had one of those where-have-you-been-all-my-life moments? Well, if you’re like me and that dancer is Daniel “Cloud” Campos (which you should be because…have you seen this guy?!), you’re a little late to the game. Cloud has been around for a while—appearing in Step Up […]

10 Dance-y Instagrammers to Follow

Instagram is basically a dance-lover’s paradise. Dancers are all about visuals, so a photo-sharing app is our idea of a playground. And that means a lot of big dance names (and organizations) are alllll over Instagram, giving us little peeks at their glamorous, artsy worlds. Looking for inspiration? Well, first, give us a follow (@dancespiritmagazine)! […]

tWitch, Allison & Cloud in the Commercial of My Dreams

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work at Dance Spirit, the new Microsoft Surface Pro commercial gives you a bit of an inside glimpse. OK, no. It doesn’t. That’s not us in the commercial. But the spot—which was directed by hot shot Jon M. Chu, choreographed by Jamal Sims and Christopher Scott and […]

Now That's What I Call A Great Commercial

If you’re like me, you use commercial breaks during your favorite TV shows to run to the kitchen to refill your bowl of ice cream. Or, you know, do some sit-ups. Whichever you prefer… It takes a lot for a commercial to get me to stay put on the couch—so I’m giving a huge thumbs […]

The Guys, The Girl and The Go-Tos

Daniel “Cloud” Campos Where you’ve seen him: In LXD webisodes; as Kid Darkness in Step Up 3D; dancing on Madonna’s Re-Invention and Confessions tours; as a featured dancer in Shakira’s “Did It Again” music video. Why he’s hot: Cloud brings a whimsical, elegant touch to his b-boying—think a modern-day Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly, both […]