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September 30, 2018

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AN EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK from Showstopper’s Summer 2018 issue!

Ashley Everett scored everyone’s dream job nearly a decade ago when she auditioned to dance for Beyoncé. Since then, she has become Beyoncé’s longest standing dancer on her team and her dance captain! Showstopper spent the day with Ashely and got the inside scoop on what a typical day is like for her, the challenges she’s faced, and what it’s like dancing for Beyoncé.

“When I auditioned for Beyoncé I had no agent; I was training at Alvin Ailey at the time. I just went to an open call with a massive amount of people in New York. People were coming from everywhere, trained or not. They asked if I wanted to do a music video and I was like ‘YES’—I had to fly to LA and miss school but of course it was worth it. The video turned into multiple videos, those turned into a tour, and a tour turned into this. 10 years later and here we are!”

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