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PDT Dance Arts students in competition. Courtesy Henderson-Rübsamen.

Is Lip-Syncing a Do or Don’t for Competitive Dancers?

Facial expressions are a big part of competitive dance performances, and what dancers should be doing with their mouths onstage has long been a matter of great debate. Many teachers, choreographers, and judges are staunchly against lip-syncing of any kind, while others believe that it can be a light-hearted, appropriate form of expression. According to […]

10 Lit Trends from Nationals 2018

Comp kids, you truly are one singular sensation—and nowhere was that clearer than at Nationals 2018. In every style and in every city, you raised the bar higher than ever before. As the 2018–19 Regionals season kicks off this month, let’s take a minute to relive the most thrilling, attention-getting, and just plain amazing moments […]

Dance Competition and Convention Guide for 2018/2019

Our comprehensive list of the best dance competitions and conventions out there, with all the essential details you need to plan a fantastic season. Explore below! Competition Class Key: A = Acro B = Ballet CHE = Cheer/Pom/Etc. C = Contemporary DT = Dance Team H = Hip Hop I = Improv J = Jazz […]

Meet 4 of Our Fave Dance Comp BFFs

Two dancers from different studios on opposite ends of the country meeting at a dance competition may sound like the formula for a cheesy teen-rivalry movie. But it’s actually real life for lots of dancers on the comp circuit. Meet four sets of adorable BFFs who found winning friendships at a competition. Jada Pate & […]

A New Teen Dance Magazine Hits Stands And You Won’t Want To Put It Down

Showstopper Magazine is your source for exclusive content on today’s most talked about dancers! It features major influencers in the dance community and the latest dance news, fashion trends, and life-changing advice. Showstopper Magazine was created as a way to bring together dancers from many different backgrounds and life experiences to tell their stories, share […]

How to Nail a Spoken-Word Piece in Competition

When Shannon Mather choreographed Body Love on a group of dancers from her Mather Dance Company, a video of the work was so popular that it ended up going viral, garnering over a million views on YouTube. Set to a spoken-word poem by Mary Lambert on themes of body image, unhealthy beauty standards, and self-confidence, […]

How to Do Competition Season on a Budget

Diving into the competition and convention circuit with your studio’s team can be an exhilarating experience. But it frequently comes with a steep price tag, including entry fees, costume expenses, and (especially) travel costs. “The remote location of our town means we inevitably need to travel to compete,” says Mary Myers of The Dance Connection […]