Sick Tricks and Dope Skillz: The Urban Movement Tour in NYC

January 26, 2011

It’s not hard to imagine The Roseland Ballroom, a storied NYC dance hall, in its original form. Before being converted in 1956 the space was an ice-skating rink. It features a vast main room with a large, oval wood floor—perfect for headspins, of which there were plenty this weekend when The Urban Movement Tour kicked off its first event.

The tour spotlights hip-hop dance in its many forms with poppers, lockers and breakers participating in workshops, seminars and battles. In NYC, between scheduled events, dancers clustered in circles, or cyphers, taking turns in the middle showing their skills. And they were impressive. A small but strong contingent of women displayed quick footwork and surprising power. A b-boy hovered above the ground, his long, lean body held up by only his forearms and fingertips. And a ridiculously adorable 4- or 5-year-old dressed in a red track suit, matching Adidas shelltops and a small fedora proved that you’re never too young to step into the center. All the while, DJ Funktual spun classic hip-hop tunes. Even spectators couldn’t help but bounce to the beat.

Keep an eye on The Urban Movement Tour website for information about upcoming tour dates in Miami and L.A.


Photo courtesy The Urban Movement Tour.