"So You Think You Can Dance" Recap

January 13, 2009

Last night was awesome… I feel like we’ve all finally paid our dues by sitting and watching hours of audition footage and now the best show on TV—”So You Think You Can Dance”—has REALLY begun! A few highlights, in my opinion…


Cat Deeley in general is fabulous. She’s such a classy, conversational host (with the best wardrobe in the world) and I love her relationship with all of the judges and dancers. The best line of the night was Cat admitting to Nigel that she looked so good because she had spent an hour and a half in hair and makeup before hitting the stage. Now that’s humble!


But on to the dancing. My hands-down favorite performance of the evening was Katee and Joshua’s “No Air” hip-hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. They’re new choreographers to the show this year and I look forward to seeing more clean, precise routines from them. Katee and Joshua were totally in sync the entire time—it reminded me of Allison and Ivan’s “Sexy Love” from Season 2.


Chelsea T. and Thayne’s cha cha was another hit for me. Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin always deliver sexy, sultry numbers (they’re on this month’s cover of Dance Teacher magazine, too! Check it out) and last night was no exception. I (along with Dan Karaty!) couldn’t stop smiling the whole time Chelsea and Thayne were shaking it onstage.


And while I didn’t necessarily love Kherington and Twitch’s Broadway number, I do love them as a couple and think they’ll do great things this season. She’s got amazing stage presence and he…well he’s Twitch! And together they are Twitchington.


What were your thoughts on last night’s first showing of the Top 20 dancers? Let us know on the message boards!