So You Think You Can Design?

January 23, 2008

Another reason why we love Rasta Thomas: he’s now a fashion designer. Yes, Rasta and his wife, Adrienne, will be creating a costume for the 2009 Ferreira catalogue. Inspired by their baby daughter, they’re making a short, possibly halter style dress in a nude microfiber covered in a crystal sheer fabric (sounds smokin’!). This project is part of a bunch of dance celebrities, including Lilyan Vigo (principal in the Carolina Ballet) and Martha Nichols (from “SYTYCD”), who’re designing costumes for Ferreira. The best part? All of the proceeds from the Celebrity Designer Costumes will be donated to the Childcare Worldwide (provides basic food and shelter for children and their families). Fashion and fundraising once again, go hand-in-hand!

Sidenote: You can help! Ferreira is looking for a fourth celebrity guest designer, so send them an email to [email protected] to nominate your favorite performer!