Some Irish Dancing for Your St. Paddy's Weekend

March 14, 2013

Happy (almost) St. Patrick’s Day! Since the holiday falls on a Sunday this year, us on the DS staff can’t celebrate by wearing our finest green outfits to work. So, instead, I decided to round up a few Irish dancing videos to get everyone in the spirit of things.

[Side note: I may be a good Irish girl, but I’m far from an Irish dance expert, so I apologize in advance for any misuse of terms, etc!]

First up: a cute Irish dance flash mob, filmed on St. Patrick’s day a couple of years ago in, uh, Australia. (Maybe it would’ve been too predictable in Ireland? Maybe spontaneous Irish dancing breaks out all the time there?)

Second: some very cool dudes Irish dancing to dubstep on the beach. Not where you thought I was going to go, is it?

Third: a taste of the Irish dance competition world. Here are the senior winners of the 2012 World Irish Dancing Championship, Suzanne Coyle and Michael Holland.

Next: supermodel and all-around supergirl Coco Rocha, who’s an excellent dancer, Irish step dancing down Jean Paul Gaultier’s runway in 2007:

Fifth: Look at this adorable little girl Irish dancing to Michael Jackson songs! Schmoop.

And finally: A little Riverdance action—old-school, Jean Butler and Michael Flatley style. Had to do it. Erin Go Bragh!