Spot the "Seated Ballerina" In NYC

May 14, 2017

There’s just something very exciting about dance/art collabs and renowned artist Jeff Koons has gifted us with another one. Known for his balloon-like, shiny sculptures, Koons has installed a massive 45-foot-tall inflated piece called “Seated Ballerina” in Rockefeller Center in NYC. And we have to say, she’s really freaking cool.

The smaller, original “Seated Ballerina” sculpture is from Koons’ Antiquity series and is modeled after a turn-of-the-century porcelain figurine found in a Russian factory.

Koons with the original “Seated Ballerina” at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, CA.
Photos by SunHee Grinnell via Vanity Fair

“The ballerina has this reflective surface, and I think the piece communicates a sense of optimism and a future for people,” says Koons in an interview with Vanity Fair. “Art is something that happens inside a viewer. That excites people. That excitement is sighting one’s own potential as a human being. That’s the art. And I am thrilled to be able to exhibit this at Rockefeller Center.”

“Seated Ballerina” is presented by the Art Production Fund and skincare brand Kiehl’s, to benefit the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children in honor of National Missing Children’s Month.

She’ll be on display through June 2, 2017, so make sure to get a #dancerselfie before she’s gone! Now where’s that ballerina emoji when you need it?