The Stella McCartney Runway Show Ended with a Giant Dance Party

October 3, 2016

As beautiful and glamorous as Fashion Week is, the whole production can sometimes feel a little too…serious. Grim-faced models stomping down runways, aggressively styled fashionistas sizing up each others’ outfits in the the front row—it’s easy to forget that fashion is supposed to be fun.

So thank you, Stella McCartney, for pushing back against all that seriousness by ending your Paris Fashion Week presentation yesterday with a big, goofy, joyful model dance party. At the conclusion of the runway show, McCartney’s gaggle of models met in the middle of the catwalk to bust out a little routine created by fashion-world choreographer of choice Blanca Li:

World-class dancing this is not—and none of these models are pretending to be professional dancers—but the whole spectacle is just so happy. It’s like watching a wedding dance floor, except that all the wedding guests happen to be six feet tall and gorgeous. Apparently it even made Anna Wintour giggle, which…? .

This is our new favorite thing, and we’d like to request that it be the way every runway show ends from here out. (Or heck, take things up a notch and hire professional dancers as your runway models, Opening Ceremony-style.)

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