Step Up 2 stepped it up!

February 13, 2008

With so much hype and great expectations after the success of Step Up, we’ve been eagerly anticipating Step Up 2 The Streets. And it delivers (exhale). The sequel is incredible. The choreography is creative–filled with street hip hop, poppin’, lockin’, breaking, perfect isolations and steamy salsa with a sprinkle of modern/jazz/ballet here and there. They dance on trains, trampolines and even in the rain! The cast is smokin’–the chemistry between the leads Andie (Briana Evigan) and Chase (Robert Hoffman) makes you wish all pretty boys could dance that well (and conveniently become your boyfriend!). Tyler (Channing Tatum) even makes a dance cameo proving that he’s still got it (like we had any doubts)! But my favorite character is Moose, Andie’s cool-dork buddy from Maryland School of the Arts. Consider him the McLovin or Napoleon of dance movies. Step Up 2 features dance crews (think MTV’s show “America’s Best Dance Crew”) and sheds light on what its really like to compete on the streets. Before I spoil anymore of the movie, here is an exclusive interview with Sammy Zweben, who danced in both Step Up and Step Up 2 The Streets!

DS: What scenes did you dance in
Step Up 2 The Streets

I danced in the classroom scenes and the rehearsal scenes for Chase’s showcase (modern dance).

DS: What role did you play?

In Step Up 2, I was Blake’s (the director of the school) class dancer at MSA. In the first film,I was Nora’s finale dancer (finale number) and in all the rehearsal scenes leading to the senior showcase.

DS: How was it working with hottie Robert Hoffman?

He was very, very professional. He was great to speak to off camera—a really a nice guy, but when we were working it was down to business.

DS: And Channing Tatum?

He was super fun, kind and treated all of the dancers with so much respect. He threw the nine finale dancers a party, which was really nice.

DS: So, Channing or Robert?


DS: Is Adam Sevani as funny in person as he is as “Moose”?

OMG! [editorial: MOG!] We were never in the same scene, but we were there at the same time (like at lunch breaks), and he was hilarious to see in action. He really was adorable and hysterical. I think he’s exactly the same as his character.

DS: What was your favorite dance to watch?

The finale in the rain. I thought it was awesome.

DS: Which
Step Up
did you like better?

To be very honest, they were so different that it’s hard to pick one. The first one was geared more towards the modern/jazz world and the second was totally geared towards the hip hop scene. I have favorite parts of each movie.

DS: Will there be a
Step Up 3

I have no idea but I hope so!

We definitely do too, Sammy.

Pictured: Sammy (in the striped shirt) and the cast backstage. Picture from Sammy Zweben.