"Step Up 3D" Sneak Peek with Alyson Stoner

August 1, 2010

At just 7 years old, wearing pigtails and knee-high socks, Alyson Stoner made her debut–and stole the show–as a dancer in Missy Elliot’s “Work It”

video. It’s been nine years since her gig as a breakdancing cutie and Alyson has matured as an artist. Originally from Toledo, OH, Alyson now lives in L.A. and has been involved in various music videos, TV shows and movies, including Step Up. Alyson reprises her role as Camille Gage, Tyler Gage’s younger sister, in Step Up 3D (which opens today!). She gave DS the inside scoop on the movie. –-Christina Salgado

Dance Spirit
: How has your character, Camille Gage, changed since the original Step Up?

Alyson Stoner:
Camille has developed into a very studious, focused and genuine young woman. She’s decided to put her love of dancing aside to pursue academic interests. Romantically, she’s still very innocent because the guy she’s interested in, her best friend Moose [played

by Adam Sevani], is completely oblivious.

: What was the filming process like?

Adam Sevani and I pay homage to Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in a street dancing number. Filming this movie required many hours on set to work with the 3D technology. But we had the most diverse, eclectic and hysterical cast and crew.

: Can you give us a sneak peek of what to expect?

This movie is epic. The dancers have no special effects helping them out, which seems impossible because the choreography and performances are superhuman. Expect your jaw to drop in every dance scene!

You seem to be exploring new avenues as an artist. Are you working on any new projects?

I’ve spent years developing my singing voice and I’m glad that my music is finally available for the world to hear. [Check out Alyson’s two singles “Flying Forward” and “Make History” on iTunes]. I’m also in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam coming out on Disney Channel September 3.

: What advice do you have for young dancers who hope to work in movies?

AS: Work hard and stay true to the pure passion that initially drove you to dance. Above all, use your gift to help others and the right projects and opportunities will come your way.

Photo of Alyson Stoner by Matthew Jordan Smith