The 7 Stages of Surviving a Dance Competition Day

April 21, 2019

Dance competitions are fun, rewarding—and completely exhausting. Here are the seven stages of surviving a competition day, to which we DEEPLY relate.

Stage 1: Packing Literally Everything

Gotta get that car packed up super early so you can make the competition’s crack of dawn check-in time—and gotta bring ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. You can never be too prepared.

Stage 2: GO TIME

No matter how tired you are, once you get onstage, it’s time to be your absolute best self. SMIZE SMIZE SMIZE!

Stage 3: Eating All the Foods

Sure, we might have to sneak those snacks in, since we’re not technically supposed to eat in costume, but we need the nutrients!

Stage 4: Sitting Through Endless Awards Ceremonies

There. Are. So. Many.

Stage 5: Taking Thousands of Pictures

Because one of the best things about comps is that they’re big dance-friend reunions, and all of these moments must be documented, obviously.

Stage 6: Picking Sequins and Glitter Off Every Inch of Your Body

This stage basically never ends. How does the glitter get literally everywhere WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

Stage 7: Packing Up All Your Trophies

*takes a super-humble bow*