The 7 Stages of Surviving a Long Rehearsal

February 28, 2019

Rehearsals can feel excruciatingly long—especially when there’s a performance or competition coming up, and you’re stuck in the studio for hours upon hours. But somehow, dancers always find a way to survive the grind. Here are the 7 stages we go through while toughing out a long rehearsal.

The Snacking Stage

Before rehearsal even starts, you’re munching on something to help keep your stamina up. Because you know how this goes.

The Fidgeting Stage

You’re an hour in, but barely anything has been accomplished? Time to fidget with your shoes, hair, etc—anything to distract you from the glacial pace.

The Clock-Checking Stage

How long has it been now? Let me just peep my phone real quick…

The Cracking-Every-Bone-in-Your-Body Stage

Extreme boredom ➡️ cracking literally everything, from your fingers to your back to your toes.

The Daydreaming-About-Your-Bed Stage

It is fully 10:30 pm and you and your broken body are fully ready to hit the hay.

The Power-Through-to-the-End Stage

There is—allegedly—only an hour left! If you go full-out and it’s PERFECT, maybe you can get out earlier??

The “WE SURVIVED!” Stage


See you tomorrow at 9 am. 😭