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The 7 Stages of Surviving a Long Rehearsal

Rehearsals can feel excruciatingly long—especially when there’s a performance or competition coming up, and you’re stuck in the studio for hours upon hours. But somehow, dancers always find a way to survive the grind. Here are the 7 stages we go through while toughing out a long rehearsal. The Snacking Stage Before rehearsal even starts, […]

10 Back-to-School Struggles Every Dancer Knows Too Well

Yep, summer is over and school is back in session. Cue the tears! Heading back to the classroom after a great few months off can be heart-breaking, to say the least, and dancers are way too familiar with these 10 back-to-school feelings. ​When rehearsal runs super late, but you still have to get up early […]

7 Excuses Your Dance Teacher Is Tired Of Hearing

Dance teachers have to deal with a lot. While open communication with your teacher is obviously key, lame excuses for less-than-great behavior are guaranteed to get on her nerves. Always avoid these seven excuses that will 100 percent get your dance teacher’s blood boiling. “That makes me look silly.” It’s okay to look less-than-perfect when […]

10 Weird Habits Every Dancer Has

Dancers are truly a special breed. And that means some of the stuff we do every day—stuff that seems totally normal to us—completely weirds out our non-dance friends. Here are 10 funny dancer habits we’re guessing you can totally relate to. We Can’t Stop Moving Sitting still just isn’t in our DNA! We’re always jumping […]

10 Questions Dancers Hate Getting Asked

Being a dancer comes with the task of having to entertain the same questions over and over again from those outside the dance world. Of course, we love having our friends and family take an interest in our passion—but if someone asks ONE MORE TIME whether or not we’ve met Travis Wall, we might just […]

10 Jokes Only Dancers Will Understand

What’s better than a good dance joke? They’re corny, they’re punny, and they’re exactly what you need to get you through long rehearsal days. These 10 jokes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face—no matter how much your feet are hurting. Dance friend: How many leotards should I pack for the dance convention […]