Let's Take a Moment to Appreciate the Truly Wacky Dancing on "The Bachelorette"

June 29, 2019

If you’re a proud citizen of Bachelor Nation, you know that as nail-biting as the rose ceremonies can get, the real fun happens in the post-credits scenes. The clips ABC shows at the tail end of each Monday-night episode never actually have much to do with the reality show’s main plot line of competitive romancing. Instead, they capture contestants and/or the lead in amusing, endearing, or just plain bizarre moments. And there’s perhaps no better example of this prized tradition than the dance-filled post-credits scene from last week’s episode, which has gone on to meme-ified glory.

Allow us to set the scene: Bachelorette Hannah Brown—who’s taken a few dance classes, FYI—has spent some quality time with her remaining suitors in Riga, Latvia. Aspiring singer-songwriter Jed composes an impromptu ode to the charming Baltic city. Jed’s soon joined at the piano by contestants Dustin Kendrick, Dylan Barbour, Mike Johnson and Tyler Cameron. Suddenly, Tyler C. begins to dance, and…there are no words.

Of course, Bachelor Nation being the patriotic population that it is, fan accounts took the delightful improv and ran with it, producing edits like this Grease-themed stunner:

And this expertly edited jaw-dropper:

Based on the extremely scientific Internet back-stalk we just performed, it appears that this wasn’t Tyler C.’s first moment of inspired movement. He was even two classes away from a dance minor during his undergrad years at Wake Forest! Hey, Tyler: Even if you don’t make it past the hometown date, we here at Dance Spirit would always be happy to accept this dance—or, you know, just cut Footloose with you. 🌹