Sylvie checks in from the SFB summer intensive

July 9, 2008

As a new blogger for Dance Spirit, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to all of you dancers. I am currently attending the five week summer intensive at San Francisco Ballet for the second year in a row. As a veteran of the program and a student of the school for one year, I can now look upon it with experience and knowledge. With this perspective I can truthfully say that it is meeting all of my expectations and exceeding them.

This year the schedule is more intensive than last year with more classes and pointe work. By either starting at 9 or 11 we have three classes varying from pointe to a Forsythe workshop. This schedule definitely meets the “summer intensive” requirement. Although it may seem strenuous at times it is extremely beneficial. The “burn” feeling that everyone has been experiencing will present itself in a positive light by the end of the summer. (Hopefully, haha).

Another first for the summer program is the addition of a guest teacher, Lynne Charles from Hamburg Ballet. I have currently had her for several classes and I have found her instruction so inspirational and wise. She not only stressed technique, as some teachers do, but she also put an emphasis on being musical and dancing from the heart. This was definitely not an easy or laid back class, people were dripping at bar. Interestingly enough she was also a very interactive teacher. This is something that probably most of us are not used to. If needed she would stop a combination and ask us what its point was, what it was used for, and how to do it correctly. She wanted us to contribute and truly understand the steps’ importance. I hope I am able to take from her again because I am sure she has so much more to offer us.

We’ll see what happens in the next week!