SYTYCD round one…only three hours to go!

June 10, 2009

OMG! We’re so excited to watch the Top 20 do their first round of performances on tonight’s episode of “SYTYCD.” We’re rooting for former DS models Kayla Rodomski and Jeanine Mason. We can’t wait to find out which male dancer and choreographer they’ve been paired with. The office consensus is also that we’re fans of funny-guys Evan Kasprzak and Tony Bellissimo. Will they remain in our top? Who are you already hooked on from Vegas Week? Tell us on the message boards. And speaking of auditions, check out our exclusive coverage (it will get you pumped—promise!):


The NYC auditions


Tabitha and Napoleon at the auditions


Nigel at the auditions


Mary at the auditions


More from Mary at the auditions


Cat at the auditons


Jeff at the auditions


Check back with you later tonight on twitter:! —Lauren Levinson