SYTYCD S6: Top 10 Elimination

December 2, 2009

Last night was a sad night as the girl and guy with the least votes automatically had to leave the show. The judges didn’t get to save anyone this time. This elimination seemed especially heart-wrenching because everyone in the top ten is fantastic. We love them all!

The show opened with the top 10 dancing together in a power packed Billy Joel rocker piece by Tyce Diorio—complete with leather, face paint, and a chain link fence.  Incredible.  We couldn’t help but notice that the choreo made full use of showing off Jakob’s talents!  And then there was Ryan and Ashleigh’s kiss! I mean, we know they’re married but …woah.

Special kudos to Cat for the tan and black dress with bright red lipstick.  At first, it seemed borderline lingerie-ish, but it definitely grew on us. 

Now, on to the elimination: Noelle and Kathryn were the bottom two girls.  We have to admit that we were just as shocked as Mary that Kathryn was in the bottom two—she’s never been in danger on the show before. 

Ryan and Nathan were the bottom two guys. Cat certainly gave a bit of foreshadowing as to who’d be going home when she looked straight at Ashleigh (Ryan’s wife) and said “Don’t cry yet!”

Next up was a special performance by the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD).  All we can say is: WOW.  They performed hip-hop to instrumental Coldplay music, and we don’t know whether to call it beautiful (hip-hop, beautiful?) or captivating or astonishing– extraordinary seems the best word.  They take hip-hop to a new place, and we like it.

Each dancer’s solo showed incredible expression tonight.  Adam told Noelle that he hires a lot of dancers, and she’s “at the front of the line.”  Mary called Ryan “one of the best ballroom dancers we’ve had on the show.”  Mary told Kathryn that as a dancer, she has everything that Mary would ever want or hope to have for herself, expressing the beauty of Cyd Charisse and Ginger Rogers.  Nigel told Nathan to continue on the path that he is on.  The criticism he’s gotten is only tough love, and he’s “on a brilliant road at the moment.”  Nathan responded by saying, “I need the criticism.  It’s a kick in the butt, and I like it.”

Snoop Dogg took the stage next, and we saw some former SYTYCD-ers among his dancers!

At the moment of truth, Noelle and Nathan were the two to go.  And Noelle was still smiling just as big she always does!  They’re both fantastic, and we know they’ll go on to do great things. 


Can’t wait for next week!

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