SYTYCD S6: Top 12 Elimination

November 30, 2009

America voted and the results are in! After a fabulously quirky opening number by hip hop choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo, we were just itching to meet this season’s top ten! Here’s how it went. Karen and Victor: The first couple in the bottom three. Ashleigh and Jakob: SAFE! Mollee and Nathan: The second couple in the bottom three. Kathryn and Legacy: SAFE! Noelle and Russell: SAFE! Ellenore and Ryan: The third couple in the bottom three. We can’t say that we’re surprised by Karen and Victor or Mollee and Nathan, but what happened with Ellenore and Ryan?! We love those two! Solos were up next. Karen: We’re not convinced. It seemed slightly desperate and little over-danced. Mollee: We pretty sure she threw every trick in the book into her solo. Talk about giving it all you’ve got! Ellenore: Her musicality is insane! This girl is going places. Victor: His solo reminds us so much of Brandon last season. Nathan: Definitely not his best, but we’ll see what the judges have to say. Ryan: One word comes to mind: Spicy! The girls were up first, and the judges were unanimous in their decision. Nigel said that Mollee was the first to really fight in the top ten, but he couldn’t think of anything to tell Ellenore to work on. He ended by saying that it seemed Karen was “waiving the white flag” tonight. Nigel began by saying that they are not unanimous in their decision with the boys. He tells Victor that he has really grown as a person on the show and that his solo was terrific tonight. Next, he tells Ryan that his work on the show has been fantastic, but that he needs to work on his solo. He finished by saying that he hasn’t really watched Nathan grow on the show yet, and if he had had his personal way, Nathan would be going home. The Verdict: Karen and Victor eliminated. We are not surprised that Karen will be heading home, but Victor? After Nigel’s speech we were sure he was safe, but the show must go on. Congratulations to the top ten dancers of season six! We’re pumped and ready for you to bring it next week!