SYTYCD S6: Top 14

November 30, 2009

Last night, the top 14 danced for their lives, fighting for America’s votes. After last week, we were all ready to be impressed, and though there were many great performances, we have to say the guys were especially on fire. (Sorry, ladies!) It was a nice treat to see the SYTYCD-er’s early performances, and the embarrassing photos of little Nigel, Mary and Adam were greatly appreciated 🙂 On to the routines… Ashleigh and Jakob Hip Hop, Choreographer(s): Tabitha and Napoleon First up AND hip-hop…have to admit we were a little nervous at first, but soon found there was no need! Talk about a great routine and acting! Ashleigh was the biggest surprise – she totally stood on her own – she was believable, committed, all eyes were on her. Of course, Jakob was awesome, once again impressing the judges (and us!) with his ability to go above and beyond week after week no matter what’s thrown at him. Both were mentioned by the judges as contenders for the Top 10…not too shabby! Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train Karen and Kevin Broadway, Choreographer: Spencer Liff Last night marked Spencer’s debut choreographing on SYTYCD. The Broadway boy went all out giving Karen and Kevin a challenging routine to “If My Friends Could See Me Now” from the musical Sweet Charity. Unfortunately it may have been to challenging, as both dancers struggled to bring the over-the-top personality and humor we needed. The most memorable part may have been Kevin’s sparkly blue shoes (which we do love), but we agree with the judges – it’s just a “bump in the road”, we know they can do better! It was refreshing to see Karen put aside her vixen side and dance as a cutie, and break dancer Kevin was definitely able to nail the big “tada” moments throughout. Verdict: Missed the Train Noelle and Russell Foxtrot, Choreographer: Eddie Simon First of all, how cute what Russell busting out his “Billie Jean” dance at the mere age of 7?! He and partner, Noelle, entered the stage with instant elegance. With genuine smiles (always nice to see) and confidence they glid across the stage and made the foxtrot look effortless. Noelle was stunning and her extensions and face were right on. Russell had much better carriage this time around – practice, practice, practice! Though Mary was all teary-eyed and it was enjoyable, we think they could have brought it even more! Verdict: Taking a Later Train Channing and Victor Jazz, Choreographer: Tyce Diorio What a crazy, fun dance this must have been to perform (nice work, Tyce)…although, apparently pecking about the stage like “curious, eclectic blackbirds” is also dangers (see Victor’s 5 stitches!) The mesmerizing song and cage set the scene for this fresh, unique routine. The contemporary dancing duo’s technique was beautiful, as usual, though we know Victor can pirouette like no other and would have liked to see something more challenging. Channing finally came out of her “cage” and grabbed us this week by simply looking like she was having a good time – keep it up! Verdict: Taking a Later Train Kathryn and Legacy Paso Doble, Choreographer: Tony Meredith HOT! HOT! HOT! We’re tempted to leave it at just that but to elaborate, they both brought an unbelievable amount of power, passion and intensity to the dance, which overshadowed the minor technical mistakes here and there. Legacy continues this week to push past people’s expectations as his shirtless, fiery performance earned him Adam Shankman’s remark, “you are no longer a break dancer, you’re a DANCER” – what a compliment! Kathryn brought back that sass we missed last week and man, did she work that sexy white dress. Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train Ryan and Ellenore Contemporary, Choreographer: Travis Wall There is something about seeing these two decked out in a blue polka-dot dress and bunny ears as youngin’s that put everyone in a good mood. The two performed this emotional dance of re-found love. It was great to see ballroom Ryan adapt to the contemporary style, suspending his legs in his cartwheel over Ellenore to the floor. Ellenore is a chameleon, once again dancing a completely new style and character to the T! They both received rave reviews from the judges (as did Travis for his choreography – we’re proud of you too, Travis!) Mary Murphy cried, “It was perfection tonight”. After surviving the bottom 3 last week and that…crumping performance…wow, what a come-back! Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train Nathan & Mollee Pop Jazz, Choreographer: LaurieAnn Gibson LaurieAnn had high hopes for their performance, though it didn’t give us the chills in the end. These SYTYCD youngsters definitely seemed to both be in their comfort zone which is why we expected more. Their synchronicity was great and chemistry was present but as Nigel reminded them (in particular Nathan) there are other dancers in this competition who are popping up and shocking everyone. Still, it was much better than their salsa performance, and reminded us that they are still in it to win it. Verdict: Taking a Later Train Who’s headed home? All three judges think it may be Karen and Kevin, we’ll have to wait to see what America thinks! Also, it was great to hear about the 1st ever Celebration of Dance Gala planned up by the Dizzy Feet Foundation for November 29th! With performances by the stars of SYTYCD, Dancing With the Stars, Groovaloos, America’s Best Dance Crew, Step Up movies, ABT, Ailey II and Juilliard, we agree with Adam that it’s going to be the “can’t miss dance event of this year.” Can’t wait to see the results tonight, check back tomorrow for the details!