SYTYCD S6: Top 14 Elimination

November 30, 2009

After Tuesday night’s performances, the judges and America were pleased with the improvement of many of the dancers. As Nigel said, “SYTYCD” was back, the dance competition in full force! Still, two dancers had to go at the end in this week’s elimnation night, leaving us with the Top 12.


A phenomenal opening routine choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson showcased the Top 14 dancing in white with cool lighting, popping out from underneath sheets. Adam Shankman even gave a shout out to the choreography and its weird museum-like nature. Nakul Dev Mahajan’s Bollywood Dance Production performed the fun, Bhangra-based Indian dance, all brightly-clad (For more on Nakul, stay tuned for the February 2010 issue of DS!). Though the performance left us all smiles, six dancers were anxiously preparing to fight for their spot in the competiton.


Just as the judges predicted, Kevin and Karen were the first to be named in the bottom three last night, thanks to their not-so-hot Broadway performance. Partners Channing and Victor, and Mollee and Nathan joined them. The pressure was on to “slaughter their solos”. Many did just that—especially Mollee who stunned us all with her much talked about, never-before-seen aerial cartwheel to her knee. (Um, WOW!) She was the first girl to be named safe, as was Nathan for the males—the “Dream Team” survives once again!


Though it was difficult, the judges were unanimous in their decision to send Channing and Kevin home this week. Channing was too much of a technician rather than a well-rounded performer in comparison to Karen, who challeneged herself in her contemporary, hip-hop-ish solo (certainly not her Latin ballroom style). And Kevin’s hot break-dancing was no longer enough to keep him afloat since fellow competitors, Victor and Nathan, have been growing and adapting much faster to the various styles thrown their way. Next week is sure to be an intense one with the remaining top 12—Ashleigh, Ellenore, Jakob, Karen, Kathryn, Legacy, Mollee, Nathan, Noelle, Russell, Ryan and Victor—performing two routines per partnership, in hopes of making it to the TOP 10!!!