SYTYCD S6: Top 18

November 30, 2009

And then there were 16! The second—and final—show where we don’t get to vote was last night with the judges eliminating tappers Bianca and Phillip from the competition. Here’s our weekly rundown of the evening’s best (and worst!) moments.

Noelle and Russell
Hip Hop; Choreographer Jamal Sims

LOVE that Jamal Sims has jumped on the “SYTYCD” bandwagon! DS has been a huge fan of Jamal for a long time now (Hellooooo, he’s Miley’s choreographer!) and it’s great to see him getting some more widespread attention. The routine was good. Not great, but not bad. The tennis concept was cute, but Noelle and Russell weren’t quite in it enough. It was hard hitting at first, but they fell out of sync with each other by the end.

Verdict: Taking a Later Train

Ashleigh and Jakob
Viennese Waltz; Choreographers Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

We can’t say it enough: We love Jakob Karr. The kid can do no wrong. This wedding dance piece was nice and performed quite well. But we agree with the judges: Just because Jakob can do all those tricks, doesn’t mean he always should. We know he can do gorgeous leaps and has insane extension—give him something that’s a challenge. Ashleigh was lovely in this piece, but we’re thinking that she’ll coast along as Jakob’s partner for a little while.

Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

Bianca and Victor
Broadway; Choreographer Tyce Diorio

Tyce has been turning out some awesome stuff lately (Emmy Award? No big deal.) but tonight’s piece was a little different for him. Bianca is obviously good at what she does, but Broadway isn’t necessarily it. She had the energy and the charisma, but technically it looked like she was trying too hard.

Verdict: Missed the Train

Mollee and Nathan
Bollywood; Choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan

Ah, Bollywood. One of Nigel’s favorite things. Yes, it’s great that cultural dance is making its way to TV, but it’s getting a bit over-hyped on the show. The judges seem to always say they love it—even when it’s just mediocre, which this one was. Nathan busts out billions of fouette turns in every routine or solo he does and the judges praise him for it. But we’d like to see him really get higher on his supporting leg and stay higher in his releve. THEN we’ll book him on the hot tamale train!

Verdict: Taking a Later Train

Channing and Phillip
Samba; Choreographers Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

Channing is always gorgeous and typically easy to watch—but she wasn’t last night. The lifts didn’t seem as effortless as they should and the dance just seemed awkward and difficult. We want to see them make it easy! Although credit is due to Channing, who was stunning in that little blue samba number she wore. Sexy!

Verdict: Missed the Train

Kevin and Karen

Hip Hop; Choreographers Tabitha & Napoleon D’umo

Loved this one! Karen is awesome and is totally getting credit from the judges where it’s due. Kevin was equally hard hitting and together they were in sync, powerful and totally fun to watch.

Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

Kathryn and Legacy
Contemporary; Choreographer Stacey Tookey

We all fell in love with Stacey Tookey last season, and now she’s back and even better. Mia Michaels, we miss you, but we’re loving this new contemporary choreographer! This dance, about fear, was emotional and executed brilliantly. Legacy, where did you come from?! When he jumped onto Kathryn (who, by the way, is gorgeous) and held himself up around her waist, we held our breath. Wonderfully done, dancers.

Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

Pauline and Peter
Jazz; Choreographers Wade and Amanda Robson

Quirky and fun, as always. The Van Gogh Starry Night concept was original (obviously, it’s the Robsons), and Pauline and Peter seem to make a good team. Not necessarily a dance to write home about, but we enjoyed it.

Verdict: Taking a Later Train

Ryan and Ellenore
Argentine Tango; Choreographers Miriam and Leonardo

Poor Ellenore! Her dress was caught on her heel for a big chunk of the dance. But the show goes on, and so did she. Great chemistry, great character—and a standing ovation from the judges! Not bad!

Verdict: Booked on the Hot Tamale Train

Overall an entertaining episode, but we’re looking forward to calling in next week to vote for our favorites.