SYTYCD S6: Top 6

December 15, 2009

This is it! Hard to believe, but it’s already time for America to select its latest favorite dancer. By this evening we’ll know which “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 6 contestant will take the title, the $250,000 prize and, of course, appear on the cover of our March 2010 issue. WE. ARE. SO. EXCITED!

Each dancer performed three times last night, so let’s dive right in:

Kathryn and Ryan
Samba; Choreographer Jason Gilkison

One word: Hot! Ryan was totally in his element, and we’re so happy we got the chance to see him dance his own style again (and, ahem, without his shirt!). As for Kathryn, is there anything that girl can’t do?! Adam’s comment about how the show should be called “The Rise of Kathryn” was spot on. (Is he right? Is she this season’s Jeanine?) Great way to kick off the evening!

Verdict: Booked on the hot tamale train

Ellenore and Jakob
Broadway; Choreographer Tyce Diorio

We loved Tyce’s updated take on standard Fosse-style movement. Jakob and Ellenore have been two of our favorites through the entire season and their performances in this number just served to reaffirm why they’ve made it this far. Jakob is the ideal technician with a seemingly bottomless bag of tricks and Ellenore’s unique personality imbues every step she takes. In short, we couldn’t tear our eyes away.

Verdict: Booked on the hot tamale train

Ashlee and Russell
Lyrical Jazz; Choreographer Sonya Tayeh

We give both of these dancers a lot of credit for taking on such a foreign style and executing it beautifully, but we agree with Nigel that Russell was really the standout here. Can it really be true that he has no formal training? A double tour out of nowhere? Seems impossible, but we’re so glad we had the chance to see it. Overall, the number wasn’t as gripping as the two that preceded it, but we’re looking forward to see what these two will bring to the table for the rest of the night.

Verdict: Taking a later train

Ellenore and Ryan
Jazz; Choreographer Gary Stewart

It was nice to see Ryan and Ellenore reunited, but Ellenore certainly out-shined her partner through most of the number. The robotic nature of the choreography didn’t bother us nearly as much as they did Nigel, especially since the dancers executed the moves so well. However, the drab, gray costumes were underwhelming—we prefer our robots shiny!

Verdict: Taking a later train

Ashlee and Jakob
Foxtrot; Choreographer Jean-Marc Genereux

This couple has been strong from the beginning and their chemistry carried them through again tonight. Ashlee looked beautiful in that dress and she oozed grace. We totally disagree with Nigel on one point: keep those Jakob jetés coming! As the judges said, this would have been considered a really strong number on any other night, but we agree that it simply didn’t stand out against the other routines that evening. We hope it didn’t work against the duo in the polls!

Verdict: Taking a later train

Ellenore and Russell
Paso Doble; Choreographer Jason Gilkison

That was some entrance by Russell! Overall, this might be the most compelling paso doble we’ve ever seen on “SYTYCD.” Perhaps it wasn’t the most technically correct, but we agree with the judges that the “passion” and energy from both of the dancers more than made up for it. Great job!

Verdict: Booked on the hot tamale train

Jakob and Kathryn
Contemporary; Choreographer Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson

Quite simply, this was the best routine in the history of “So You Think You Can Dance.” The season’s two powerhouses were fortunate enough to have work set upon them by two of the most influential choreographers of our time and the result was magic. No matter who wins this season’s competition, it is clear that Jakob and Kathryn will be players in the dance community for a long time to come.

Verdict: Booked on the hot tamale train (FIRST CLASS!)

Ashlee and Ryan
Contemporary; Choreographer Travis Wall

We were glad to finally see this married couple get together on the SYTYCD stage, but we agree with Nigel’s comment that Ashlee has better chemistry with Jakob than she does with her own husband! Don’t get us wrong, the couple managed to pull off the choreography fairly well, but there were a couple of spots where we were reminded of their lack of contemporary training. It seems fair to say that the dance wouldn’t have been as well received if the couple wasn’t married. Overall, we think this routine will be remembered best by the duo who danced it.

Verdict: Taking A Later Train

Kathryn and Russell
Hip Hop; Choreographer Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo

This number was so much fun! Russell and Kathryn brought a great deal of energy to the table and we’re so glad the season’s competitive performances ended on such a high note. Russell lucked out in that he got to dance in his own style right before the voting began, but we think Kathryn more than reached the high bar he set with his own dancing.

Verdict: Booked on the hot tamale train

Overall, the show was highly entertaining but we still have to admit that we missed the special performances (all-girl and all-boy numbers, in particular) that are normally featured on a “SYTYCD” finale. We hope the producers will take note for next season and return to a four-contestant finale (our suggestion: fewer audition episodes and more performance and elimination shows).

Can’t wait to see what happens tonight!