"SYTYCD" Season 7: Top 10 Results

June 24, 2010

Another Thursday, another elimination episode. We weren’t exactly surprised that Cristina went home–in fact, it made us feel a little friendlier toward the judges, since we were so upset about their obvious and unwarranted anti-boy bias on Wednesday night. And we did think that Cristina, who just isn’t that versatile, deserved to get axed. But we’re starting to feel a little sad about the plight of the ladies on “SYTYCD.” Why aren’t there any girls of, say, Jeanine’s caliber on this show this season? And why have the boys just been objectively better for most of the show’s seasons? So weird. Sigh.

Anyway, the evening began with a sassy, slinky little number–bathed in over-the-top red lights–by Sonya Tayeh. We felt the way we do about most of Sonya’s stuff: We weren’t sure we “got it,” or that there was anything to get, really, but it did a great job showing off the dancers and was, ultimately, a lot of fun to watch. (Bonus points to Kent for trying a hip hop freeze!)

By the way, Cat Deeley was looking especially awesome last night in her strapless leather number. Love it! And can’t get over the fact that she styles herself. Some professional stylists we know of could probably learn a thing or two from the Divine Ms. Deeley, actually.

We were also big fans of the guest performances. Popette Debi Nova–backed by the “SYTYCD” all-stars, yay!–rocked out her oh-so-catchy single “Drummer Boy.” And former “SYTYCD” auditionee Bryan Gaynor’s group, RemoteKontrol, blew us right out of the water. The trio of poppers (or lockers? we’re so bad with the hip hop terminology) was unbelievably clean, sharp, and witty.

Ultimately, Melinda and Robert ended up in the bottom three with Cristina. Robert’s solo was solid but bland; Cristina threw herself into her salsa number, but salsa just doesn’t lend itself to solos. Though we think Melinda’s time on the show is verrrry limited at this point, we have to admit that we were mesmerized by her lightning-speed tap solo (and her crimson spandex pants, which were “a little something,” as Mia would say). Kudos to the production crew for (finally) figuring out how to mike tap, too.

Check back next week for our recaps of the Top 9 performances!