"SYTYCD" Season 8: Elimination 2

March 22, 2017

Last night’s “So You Think You Can Dance” results show was quite a rollercoaster of events! I was never sure what to expect around each turn, but overall, the ride was enjoyable.


A short burst of speed at the beginning quickly puttered out. Michael Rooney’s opening group number to “The Incredibles” started off with a bang (who wouldn’t love a number inspired by cartoon superheros!) but the dancers, who were dressed in grey and black, looked tired and worn-out, as if the competition was finally starting to take a toll on their minds and bodies. These routines should make us hang on to the edge of our seats, not scratch our heads wondering where all of our favorite dancers went.


Our ride then took us by Cat Deeley and Kristin Chenoweth, who leave us in awe of their beauty and laughing at Kristin’s wit and charm. Cat’s little braid took me back to the ’80s, and her glittering necklace certainly matched her sparkly personality. Lovely.


Ashley and Chris were the first couple in the bottom three, not a total surprise after their zombie routine got little praise from the judges. Next to be placed in the bottom were Miranda and Robert, who despite giving their all on stage can’t seem to capture enough of the viewers’ votes to save them. And the final couple in the bottom was Caitlynn and Mitchell, who performed a brilliant Samba but found themselves fighting for their lives. What were the judges going to do? Our ride was about to make a plummeting drop.


The entertainment for the night proved to be the highlight of the show and breathtaking to watch. Sonsheree Giles and Rodney Bell, from the AXIS dance company, performed a duet entitled “To Color Me Different” by Alex Ketley. The two dancers weaved in and out of each other effortlessly, and I was ecstatic to see a modern company on the “SYTYCD” stage, showing that aerials and pirouettes aren’t necessary for a brilliant routine. And leaving the audience in complete awe were Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian, the current U.S. and World Theatrical Ballroom Champions. Eric probably has enough strength to lift a car – he twirled Georgia around the stage as if she weighed nothing more than a feather. And we never saw a single quiver in either of their bodies. Our rollercoaster ride was corkscrewing, flipping upside down, and careening left and right, finally giving us the thrill that we wanted!


At the end of the night, Miranda and Robert were sent packing. No real explanation was given for why those two were sent home, and seeing as they gave incredible solos, I guess we’ll be left wondering. Thank you for riding the “SYTYCD” rollercoaster. We hope to see you again soon.