SYTYCD Vegas Week Recap!

June 3, 2009

If you weren’t following our tweets during “So You Think You Can Dance” last night, here’s a brief recap. We were ecstatic to see so many familiar faces make it to Vegas week. Three of our former fashion models—Kayla Radomski (October 07), Jeanine Mason (October 08) and Megan Davis (May 09)—all shined! We also spotted Alexie from LA Contemporary Dance Company (from April 2009) and Alex Wong (look for him in our upcoming July/August issue!). Unfortunately Megan and Alexie were cut (boo). Any word whether we’ll see more of Kayla, Jeanine and Alex? We have our fingers crossed so hard for them! And we can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode to find out who is in the top 20! (We sure hope that brothers Ryan and Evan made it—they’re so cute and funny!). Who are your favorites? Tell us on our message boards.