"SYTYCD" Winners: Where Are They Now?

June 10, 2015

Happy #TBT, everybody! The fine folks over at “So You Think You Can Dance” are the source of our #throwback fix this week: They thought we might be interested in what all 13 “SYTYCD” winners have been up to since hearing Cat Deeley call their names one last time. (OK, fine: In Nick Lazzarini’s case, it was Lauren Sanchez doing the name-calling..but we prefer not to speak of these things.)

I heart Ricky so much. Doesn’t this feel like yesterday? (photo Adam Rose/FOX)

You already know where some of your favorite “SYT” winners have landed. We’ve discussed Ricky Ubeda‘s too-cute-for-words turn in On the Town on Broadway, and Melanie Moore‘s Great White Way run as Peter Pan in Finding Neverland. (Apparently the two of them even hang out between shows! D’awwww.) We know you loved watching Jeanine Mason on “Bunheads,” and you’ve probably seen Lazzarini and Amy Yakima either onstage or on TV with the other lovelies of Shaping Sound.

But did you know that Joshua Allen has appeared on “American Horror Story”? Or that Lauren Froderman is now a graduate of Loyola Marymount University? Or that Benji Schwimmer has earned first place five—count ’em, FIVE—times at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championship since his win?

Check out the full list here
. And for those of you eager to continue this walk down “SYT” memory lane, we’ve rounded up all of our past “SYTYCD” covers below. (Look for the winner of Season 12 on our December cover!)

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