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Watch the Dance Video that's Empowering Young Girls Around the World

What do you get when you combine a Beyoncé anthem, fierce girls from all over the world, and choreography by legends like Ellenore Scott and Lamar Lee? You get the epic music video below. The viral video features little girls who live everywhere from Tanzania to Washington D.C. dancing and lip-syncing to Queen Bey’s song […]

WilldaBeast's New Beyoncé Video Will Inspire You—and Could Earn You a Private Class with the Man Himself

Have you been intrigued by WilldaBeast Adams’ recent string of posts teasing a new Beyoncé project? Well, the video dropped this morning on thebeastnetwork.com. It sends a powerful message—and comes with a challenge. Set to “Freedom,” B’s new track featuring Kendrick Lamar, and starring the likes of Jade Chynoweth, Kaycee Rice, Janelle Ginestra, and Will […]

Name That Dance Video Choreographer: The Answers

Ta-da! 1. Incomplete C. Jaci Royal 2. “YONCÉ” A: Kyle Hanagami 3. “Baby One More Time” B. Yanis Marshall 4. Dancing in the Dark D. Matt Luck and Emma Portner 5. “Without the Lights” A. Phillip Chbeeb 6. “Stay” B. Jojo Gomez and Jake Kodish 7. “Cry Me A River” B. Andrew Winghart 8. “A […]

Now I Know My A-B(eyoncé)-C's

Think you’re Beyoncé’s biggest fan? Your knowledge of Queen Bey’s never-not-on-fleek dance moves can now be put to the ultimate test. Director Adam France and a bevy of gorgeously diverse dancers have put together “The A–Z of Beyoncé Dance”—and yes, it is EVERYTHING. How many references—B for Baby Boy Breakdown, J for Jealous & Crazy, […]

Inside the Class Video Craze

Even if you’ve never been to L.A., you probably have a solid idea of what class at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood is like. You can picture the vibrant red walls; you can feel the waves of dancers feeding off one another’s explosive energy. Why? Because you—and millions of other dance fans—have watched countless […]

5 of Our Favorite Class Videos of All Time

How crazy has the rise of the class video been? Within the past year or so, we’ve basically come to expect that L.A.’s top commercial choreographers will put out a new internet-breaking vid every week. Here are five of our all-time favorites. (And be sure to read a whole lot more about the class video […]

#BeyDay Update: The Syncopated Ladies Salute Beyoncé

It’s #BeyDay (Beyoncé, y’all!) and we’re celebrating here at Dance Spirit. First, this. Then, this: You know Chloé Arnold, Her Holiness of tap, has worked with Beyoncé before, right? Maybe it’s because they both have the “é” in their names. (BRB, renaming myself Alisoné, and perhaps I can get the hookup, too.) The video—which has […]