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These Next-Generation Knee Pads Might Just Change Your Life

With all the intense floor work that dance demands, you’d think that knee pads would be in everyone’s dance bag, on the daily. But Ailey II’s Meagan King can’t be the only serious dancer who, disappointed with the performance of every brand of knee pads she’s tried, simply made the choice to go without. “It […]

Beyond Pink Satin: Dancewear Companies Reckon with Implicit Bias

Implicit bias and racial stereotyping are rampant in the dance world . That’s a fact dancers of color have always known. But the anti-racism protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd—protests whose effects have reverberated through a myriad of industries—are bringing new attention to the problem. Though dance has been heavily influenced by Black […]

Win This Bloch Cooling Towel

You know its been a good dance class when you’re dripping with sweat. Use this Bloch Inc. instant cooling towel to cool down after an intense class. It’s made from fabric that instantly cools when soaked with water, wrung out and is snapped in the air to activate its cooling properties. Enter below for your […]

Win This Bloch Organizer Bag

Does it ever feel like your dance bag is one giant, black hole? Well thanks to this organizer bag, it doesn’t have to be. Put your bobby pins and hair ties in one pocket, and your toe tape and spacers in another. You’ll be surprised by how much time you’ll save by knowing exactly where […]

Rachel Neville's Photos Are Coming to an Unexpected Place

If you find yourself anywhere near NYC’s ├╝ber-chic Park Avenue between Monday, August 14 and December, you’ll want to hightail it to PurePoint Financial’s new Financial Center to check out a surprising collaboration with one of the dance world’s shining stars. The Financial Center’s goal is to feel more like a gallery than a traditional […]

Why You Should Wear #AllOfTheThings

Why wear one thing when you can wear it all? Embrace your maximalist side with these commercial looks that prove more is more. (All photos by Jayme Thornton. Modeled by Hope Easterbrook and Porsha Putney.) A version of this story appeared in the May/June 2017 issue of Dance Spirit.